Video from 1993

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KERAM takes delivery of new fleet of trucks from MAN in Munich

Zdzislaw Kmetko was celebrated in March 1993 as a successful businessman who purchased and brought to Poland a new transport fleet for his road haulage business, KERAM. This film was shot by the private TV company Zwoltex.



One year later, the business was raided by the Polish police, and the assets of KERAM were seized by the Polish State.

What a difference one year makes in business

It is April 1994.
Keram is raided by the Polish police who arrive at the haulage depot without any search warrant or any documents and proceed to seize the vehicles owned by the company.
The owners Zdzislaw and Halina Kmetko are seen calling for the police to show their warrants and justifying their actions. The workers try to stop the heavily armed police, who are surprised to find the private TV film company Echo TV of Wroclaw filming the entire incident.

After this police raid, KERAM was closed down, and the 400 drivers working for the company lost their jobs. One worker was shot by the police. The Wroclaw TV Studio involved in filming was also forced into closure by the authorities with a loss of 300 jobs, and the owner survived an assault by unknown attackers.

Within weeks after the closure of his company KERAM, Zdzislaw Kmetko was imprisoned by the state, without any charges brought against him. Another Director of KERAM, Polish Member of the Seym, Henrik Michailak was found murdered by unknown assailants.


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