Businessman Puzzled at Polish Government's Lack of Response to Proposed Payment of 62 million Zlotys

BRUSSELS, December 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The German-based business K.u.K International has expressed concern at the failure of the Polish authorities to reply to the firm's offer to begin payments of the claims by the Polish social insurance organisation, ZUS, that they are owed 62 million zlotys by the company's Polish subsidiary.

K.u.K International is one of Europe's most dynamic employment and out-sourcing firms which employs 7 000 people in Wroclaw and other Polish cities and helps more than 150 Polish firms with their human resources management.

A spokesman for K.u.K. International in Berlin, where the firm has its headquarters, said "We wrote to the Polish government on 21 November and made clear that K.u.K International is in full compliance with German tax law, and seeks to meet any obligations that its Polish subsidiary companies may have inadvertently incurred, and repay any monies legally owed to the Polish State. 

"The letter proposed to begin immediate discussions concerning claims for payment of 62 million zlotys. Under Polish law, the government is required to reply to any letter from a Polish citizen within 30 days and this deadline expired on 21 December.  

"We are puzzled at the apparent indifference of the Polish government to an offer to be paid 62 million zlotys and we hope that before Christmas someone somewhere in the Polish state apparatus contacts us so we can begin making arrangements for paying any outstanding monies," the K.u.K spokesperson added.

However, rather than respond to the offer of the German company, the Wroclaw authorities continue to detain in prison, without charge, innocent managers of the Polish subsidiaries - including women with dependent children - and to disrupt the salary payments of 7 000 workers and their families at the year end when they should normally be preparing to celebrate the New Year.

An international human rights expert has suggested that the Wroclaw authorities' actions may be in breach of Poland's obligations under the European Treaties to protect the fundamental rights of citizens.

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