Wystąpienie Zdzislawa Kmetko przewodniczącego Tajnego Stowarzyszenia Polaków Wypędzonych

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    Put on appropriate protective equipment – rubber gloves, rubber boots, impervious coveralls, protective eyewear, and a facemask;

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    Liquid formulations of corrosive alkaline drain cleaners can contain sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) in concentrations up to 50 percent. Other corrosive mixtures come as two-part cleaners that are mixed as they are poured in the drain opening. Inside the drain the two solutions react to release a gas, and surfactants trap the gas as dense foam. The intent of this foaming action is to coat the inside of the drain pipe to dislodge more of the substances that form the clog. Because liquid alkaline drain cleaners are essentially a base dissolved in water, this is denser than water and can sink to the source of the clog.[citation needed]

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    RCONH2(amide or proteins)+ H2O + (H+ or acid) > NH4+ + RCOOH

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    Home remedy drain cleaners

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