Death Squad

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Dear Compatriots!

Most Respected Citizens of the World!


In the history of aviation, and, most importantly, in the history of Europe and the rest of the world, it is hard to come across an equally impudent murder to have been so perfectly planned and executed as the one carried out by the ‘grupa spiskowa’ [secret plot group].

This group’s activity is imitating the way Brygady Śmierci [Death Squads] acted in the 1970s in Argentina.

The whole world will be shocked the moment the following facts get revealed:

1. Not only has The EU Committee failed to apply due diligence in conducting two investigations, but the ‘respected body’ has decided  to never investigate into those cases,in which cases’ files there can be found evidence of crimes against humanity, and murders aimed at EU and NATO Treaty.

2. Since 1997 till date the ‘grupa spiskowa’ [secret plot group] have been stretching their hands toward the  European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Grupa Spikowa’s secret agents have paralysed the tribunal in Strasbourg. Since 1997 I myself have filed with them over 300kg of documents relating to crimes against humanity, including numerous murders. Apparently, no light was ever shed on those documents.

The tragedy of humanity, and, by the same token, the tragedy of EU is rooted in the EU Committee, politicians of European Powers, and journalists seeing through the communists in Poland, with secret service - overpowered by post communistic generals and colonels – acting in a manner only too well known after 1945:

A – murdering entrepreneurs and politicians,

B – robbery of hundreds of millions of dollars being funds issued by USA and EU.

                                                                -    2    -

C – making hundreds of thousands of Poles mercilessly redundant through ‘killing’ companies in private hands of top businessmen like Roman Kluska, Janusz Baranowski, Zdzisław Kmetko, and thousands of others’.

The Plot Group have always showed no mercy committing their crimes.


More to the point, the  EU represented by:

EU Committee,

EU Parliament, and

European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg,

have always neglected  voices  alarming about crimes in Poland.


Yet, most outrageous remains the lack of any control over executing the law in Poland, which till date is done in the fashion of Stalin’s and Hitler’s.

Practically, communism is fully reborn and thriving in Poland.

Incompetence of EU only further encouraged the Plot Group, whose members – under threat, or desperation – carried out the following operations:

-  2005 2007 – destroyed the coalition of the parties: PIS, LPR, Samoobrona;

-  murdered Lech Kaczynski (who posed a threat for them, but had no party to  stand up for him) and his 95 delegates.

What makes murdering him even more appalling is that a normal politician, or any civil person refuses to accept this truth.

The fact remains that this murder called Smoleńsk Tragedy  got  ‘fused’ with the Katyń Tragedy, which was to lead to inflaming hostility towards Rassia with Putin to be for ever discredited while hold in pledge for forgiveness for the mass killing in Katyń.

                                                        -    3    -

While the whole world’s public opinion was eagerly blaming Russia for the mass killing, the Plot Group have grown stronger, and, with no attention being  put to, terrorised Poland even more, showing that there is no space for free economy in this country.

For their activity other nations will pay, too, including EU, with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg shamed for decades.

Today, I am  more than certain that the case of the Plot Group will be subjected to prosecution before the International Court in Haag (Rome, July of 1998)

Since 1992 in the Plot group belonged the nobles of the Cabinets of the President and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, along with communistic generals and colonels.

Today the ‘grupa spiskowa’ is a terrorist organisation, whose crimes are far more horrible than the occurrences in Kijev.

The EU Committee members are taking a blind eye to what is happening  in their backyard!



                                                                                        Zdzisław Kmetko



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