Fellow citizens, fellow citizens of forty- seven States that signed Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (04 November 1950r , Rome), fellow citizens of the world.

Herein I present proof of criminal actions that have happened in the European Court of Human Rights. Governments, Presidents, and Parliaments of forty- seven States that signed Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms,  04 November 1950r  Rome, and whole citizens of the world shall raise a question: for whom does the European Court of Human Rights is needed, if is needed at all?

In the European Court of Human Rights has been committed crime against humanity, by forging documents that has been included below. The crime was committed in order not to reveal that:

  1. Since 5th April 1994 POLAND IS IN THE STATE OF WAR with Germany and according to article 5th of the North Atlantic Treaty, Poland is in the state of war with NATO
  2. Treaty on accession of Poland into the European Union is NOT VALID and Poland must be excluded of the EU
  3. Polish accession to NATO is not valid by law, therefore Poland must be excluded of NATO,
  4. Authorities of member states of NATO have legal duty to intern polish ambassadors and all employees of Polish Embassies.

Proofs of crime against humanity, which is Polish entering into the state of war on 5th April 1994 with NATO were submitted onto the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg in file nr 22877/02.

Because of those proofs, in Poland and abroad has been murdered a dozen people, in order not to reveal this scandal which I dubbed “Strasburggate” . I have called it in this way because those crime should never have been appeared in  the European Court of Human Rights.

Document that you will read is dated on 4th May 2006, it was for Polish Secret Service knowing that responsible for the crime committed in the European Court of Human Rights is Polish President Lech Kaczyński, prepared sabotage of the airplane that was supposed to landed in Smolensk.

Proofs that Polish Secret Services are responsible for Smolensk tragedy shall be published in the future.

Presently I shall look on decisions which will be taken by:

-          United Nations Security Council,

-          Headquarters of NATO,

-          European Parliament,

-          European Commission,

-          Council of Europe

-          Authorities of the forty-seven States that signed Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (04 November 1950r , Rome)

Citizens of the world, you have just been introduced to the biggest crime against humanity since 7th December 1941 when Japan had invaded Pearl Harbor WITHOUT DECLARING WAR.

Zdzisław Kmetko


Most Respected Readers in the EU and the Rest of the World,

In the past months: September, October, and November,

-       Halina Kmetko– Berlin

-       Zdzisław Kmetko – Berlin

-       James Wilson – Brussels

-       Denis Mc Shane – Londyn,

personally turned up at the Strasbourg Tribunal where the vice president Eleons Passos has, since 2006, forever been showing white feather when requested to talk with.

Ruling Powers of Europe,

 -       The European Commission HAVE BEEN DOING NOTHING!

-       The European Committee WILL NOT RESPOND,

although they are responsible for the quality of the operations of the Tribunal in Strasbourg.

Since 2006, in Poland, there have been MURDERED many politicians and members of their families.

On Nov. 6th this year another CRIME has been committed on German company K.u.K. E.F.I. GmbH Berlin.

It is factual truth that the Polish government DID NOT COMPLY WITH the Bill of Clarity passed on 28 Oct. 2013. by The German Federal Prosecutor.

The prime minister Donald Tusk, since January’2013, has been trying to corrupt the German government, namely, Chancellor Angela Merkel into:

-       crimes against humanity, and

-       murders,

but, contrary to his expectations, the German ruling bodies stated on 28th Oct.’2013.

– after 3-year-long scrutiny – that there had been NO VIOLATION OF THE LAW, whatsoever.

More to the point, German authorities have made it clear to Tusk that they ARE NOT GETTING INVOLVED IN HIS PLOT.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk,


 You are presented with the (attached) Bill of Clarity dated 28th October’2013 issued by the Federal Prosecutor in Germany, which edict you are to observe as it is delivered by sovereign authority.

Citiziens of the World,

 The magisterial decision of 28th October 2013 passed by the Federal Prosecutor in Germany ABIDES IN ENTIRE EUROPEAN UNION, WITH THE POWERS AS OF COURT’S ORDER. Yet, the prime minister Donald Tusk and his ministers did not conform with it. On the contrary, Tusk, from 6th – 22nd Nov. 2013 used the force of 1,000 functionaries and over 200 vehicles to have committed CRIME against his own compatriots ripping seven thousand off their jobs and salaries, and, OBLITERATING around 150 firms in Poland, ‘killing’:

a)    K.u.K. – E.F.I. GmmbH Olsztyn, Poland;

b)    Royal GmbH Wrocław, Poland;

c)    Saif GmbH Wrocław – just established subsidiary of Swiss HQ of Saif A.G. that had not even started operations;

d)    a number of other business entities headquartered in Germany and Switzerland,

whose CEOs and assigned top Polish and German lawyers specializing in corporate and international crime has taken legal steps (with solid charges being passed by their associates in Haag, and the German Federal Prosecutor whose motherland jurisdiction has been infringed by the Polish prosecutor having questioned undisputable decision to be observed in all EU States) against:

a)    the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk;

b)    the President of the Polish State Bronisław Komorowski;

c)    the Attorney General of the State Andrzej Seremet;

d)    the Minister of Domestic Affairs Jerzy Miller;

e)    and many other  key  functionaries who have committed act ultra vires across borders.

Mr. Jose Barroso knows only too well that to have used  the power of:

-       over 1,000 policeman, and

-       over 200 police vehicles

in order to

-       ‘kill’ around 150 firms in Poland,

-       devastate 7,000 lives,

was the decision on the part of the Polish government.

Citizens of the world, this crime has been committed ‘under Baroso’s nose!

Our 7,000 employees with their families amounts to 20,000 people including small children – this does not move Barroso who would rather remain silent.

When ‘only’ 10,000 (first) protested in Kijev, Barroso and whole EU voiced their fears worldwide.


Mr. Barroso,

It is Germany that are financing the EU with Polish government contributing nothing but

crimes and murders premeditated in cabinet sessions.

I call upon you to personally supervise the case labeled:

-       SG/CDC (2007) A/6 900

-       SG/DC (2007) A/6 515



The Board of K.u.K.-E.F.I. GmbH Berlin appeal upon the German Nation to:

-       organize and hold protest mass meetings at the gates of the Polish Embassy in Berlin, if possible, have its personnel leave your country,

-       organize rallies protesting against Jose Barroso financing Polish criminals and murderers,

-       put it bluntly to Barroso to stop squandering your funds.

Today we can estimate our losses to amount to Euro 3,000,000,000.oo in 2014 – after the brutal assault on our subsidiaries in Poland.

Mr. Barroso,

We hold you responsible for this, you – who has been doing nothing about the above listed cases since 2007. STOP BURRYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND!

German Citiziens,


Realize this: Tusk and Barroso are responsible for our losing Euro 3,000,000,000.oo.

I call upon you, make them accountable for this.

My Dear Readers and My Consels,

We will be keeping you in the loop.

Tribunal in Strasbourg,

EU Committee,

Mr. Jose Barroso,


In our possession there are documents with original signatures of Eleons Passos, which we intend to have examined  by German graphologists so that the whole world will ask:

Why have this tribunal in Strasbourg where crimes against humanity are ‘swept under the carpet’?


This is not what we pay our taxes for, or sustain the EU!

All Journalists,

Voice those crimes committed within the Tribunal in Strasbourg!


Zdzisław Kmetko

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